Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did my butt get bigger or did these pants get tighter?

Anyway, two posts today- lucky you, I have no life and resort to typing about my day on the internet! Woo-hoo!

I just got back from taking my dog on our hour and a half walk/run. Mia is exhausted and laying out in her pen. I'm inside sipping on some ice water, haha, waiting for work to come around- or something exciting to happen before then! I do believe it is safe to say that my face is a little sun-burnt and my shoulders have a cornucopia of freckles on them now. I'm really hungry too, but I don't feel like eating. Especially when these pants are tight on me... hahahaha.

Before I left the house on my little walking/running extravaganza, I noticed an anonymously sent card addressed to my family. Since I am, afterall, a Heins family member, I opened it, expecting it to be someone thanking my parents for something or an invite to a graduation or something of the sort. However, I flipped open the card with flowers on the outside and it read, "Hello, Smile today!" with a funny little smiley face. I stared blankly at it for a while, wondering who it could be from,but I gave up and went to get the dog. That was nice of them... I recognized the smiley face from somewhere, I think... I just can't put my finger on exactly who... Nevertheless, it was a nice thought and I did, in fact, smile- I did need one at the time, actually =]

On my walk, there was a sharp pain in the left side of my chest and my left arm went rather numb. I laughed at the irony of the pain and just figured it was because I was out of shape- I probably just pinched a nerve. I didn't black out, so no harm done- I'm okay! Hahaha

I've noticed lately that I've been making the war that is going on between my thoughts public... Oops. That is not supposed to happen. You'll be glad to know that I will continue the war in silence and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. It's not like me. I typically am the person people go to for advice about stuff that I never should have understood... And lately, well... I've been acting fairly immature. I've got some growing up to do; and until I do, it's best if I don't speak what I feel to the full extent. No body likes to listen to depressing matters. And I've been a sad puppy. (I've used that term twice now, I believe, haha)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here for support and will help anyone any way I possibly can. No problem is too big to talk to me about. And apparently, I'm good at keeping things to myself when needed- so trusting me is not an issue.

Anyway, I am feeling very tired all of a sudden. Must've been all the running... which wasn't very much, I'll admit =P

Chou for now.

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