Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial day, everyone!

I had a nasty dream last night and therefore awoke in a not so great mood. The guys (Matt, Jake, and Tom) were leaving right when I woke up which had me disappointed. One of them and I have been talking about seeing each other this weekend. But alas, they scurried off to DEMF and I changed out of my pjs and got ready for today.

I then proceeded to start a really dumb argument with someone through text message. Well, the argument was important in it's own way. And it came with a kick-in-the-(excuse me)ass at the end.

Why people insist on coming to me with relationship problems, I do not know. I ultimately have almost no experience in that area. And it's funny that I can watch other peoples' relationships weather storms when I give them advice, yet I can't manage my own. -sigh- honestly, I'm smiling right now, haha. Bizarre.

I have the strangest sense of humor ever.

Work tonight.

Chow for now.

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