Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I realized today that I really suck at running.

But it's cool because I don't care that I'm bad at it. I'm just glad I'm doing it and trying to gain something from it. And another thing is that today, while I was running I let my thoughts expand once more and saw things in a magnificent light that I wish I could I share with all of you. Honestly, however, I can't describe it to me. I stopped at one point to pick up a... is it a dandelion? I don't know- it's that weed that you are supposed to blow all the little seedlings off of and sometimes people make a wish... you know what I'm talking about? Anyway, I came to an opening where there was a bunch of them and so I slowed to a stop and picked one up. I closed my eyes and made a wish and blew the little white seeds into the wind. When I opened my eyes, a very hot, shirtless boy rode his bike right past me. I could have felt like an idiot and I'm sure he thought I was one, but I didn't care :) The moment was lived and it was just nice to watch a shirtless, cute, boy race by me without a second glance. I'd do it again, given the chance. I wish I had my camera with me on my run though.

I'm going to sneak the car out one of these days... Go to a park or an old playground I was familiar with and take some pictures. Shhh..... don't tell my parents. They probably wouldn't approve. I'm not allowed to do anything alone, of course. I'm a girl. I could get... abducted? Pshh. I'd be fine. I'm living life and enjoying the simplest of things.

Speaking of my parents, my mother informed me that she would be okay if I got my ear cartilage pierced. Also that a tattoo would be okay with her too. I'm terrified of needles, yet I find myself considering both of these options. I wonder if I just got it done and didn't tell anyone about it. I like to see if people notice things on their own.

Work was insane tonight, of course. Nothing was done during the day and Brad showed up a half hour late on accident. He talked to me a little bit about his girl problems- he had some uncool moves pulled on him by his now ex and someone he thought was a friend. I was typically supportive and also commented him on his haircut. It seemed to lift his spirits a little. Brad's a good guy. Funny, attractive, and I'm sure that any girl would be lucky to have him. I don't like it when people are down on themselves. Anyway, my feet are killing me and the line seemed to never end tonight. It only gets worse as the summer approaches. Courtney and Brad joked around about dreaming of stabbing me with a knife. And then Brad actually made the motion and, I must admit, I flinched. It was kind of a rush though. If I had leaned forward a little bit more to reach something, he would have actually punctured a hole, I'm sure. But it's all in good fun :) we went to T-Bell after work. Courtney, Tim, Ben, and I that is. I could not stop talking about anything and everything, hahaha. And I drove home with the windows rolled down and the music blaring, singing at the top of my lungs.

The stars are out tonight. I love the stars. And my front yard is now, I realized, perfect for just sitting out underneath them. If only someone would do such a thing with me.

My sister and Nic were supposed to come home this weekend. Josh graduated though and their doing something for his graduation!! So yay! Too bad I can't be a part of it though.

My prayer list keeps getting longer and longer it seems. But nevertheless, I won't stop- every little bit helps, I suppose :) And now I'm tired and this is long-ish. So goodnight world.

Chau for now.

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