Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I woke up at about a quarter to eight today. An hour and fifteen minutes before my alarm. I was not a happy camper.

I suppose that that is what I get for falling asleep early! Haha, nevertheless, I hit snooze at 9AM, and slept until eleven. There went my plan of waking up early and taking Mia for a walk. Granted, I could still take her for a walk and I intend to do so. But I have been laying in bed since I've woken up, more or less moping and feeling sick. It looks like a beautiful day out though; as I stare out my bedroom window... Hahaha, I'll get out there. Maybe get a sunburn? Afterall, I can't tan =P
I don't think it is warm enough for shorts, but Mia will probably pull me and keep me running, so I think I'll wear sleeveless and shorts anyway. I could use a good run anyway. I may wind up twisting my ankle on this awful dirt road, haha, but this weather is too good to pass up. And I'm getting fat and lazy so I need to get out there! =P

Work yesterday wasn't so bad, as I mentioned previously. Tonight is going to be dreadful, I'm assuming. I'm working with my boss's family (all of which hate working and therefore try to get out of it by sitting around in the back or running errands) and the new girl, who probably isn't allowed to work the machines yet. If we aren't busy, we'll be cleaning stuff that has probably already been cleaned. Maybe Tom will teach me how to clean machines tonight?! Oooo maybe I'll get a pay raise! hahaha, now wouldn't that be nice! At least I will probably see at least one person that I know. That is how it usually goes. I know practically every face in this small town, it seems. Photographic memory can be interesting at times. Sometimes, I'll be out shopping and I'll pass by someone and be like, "Where do I know them from?!?!" and a half hour later I decide that they came into Dairy Queen at some point.

You know what I like? Surprises. Of the good variety, of course. Bad surprises are... well, interesting but hectic, haha. I've always secretly hoped for a surprise birthday party. Or just a birthday party with my friends in general. But my parents didn't believe in parties with friends. Granted, the family ones were always a hoot. But I don't know... My birthday is typically forgotten by everybody except my family,haha. Well, and Leah. She got me a shirt that I seemed to have misplaced somewhere in this house last year. Then again... I don't ever tell anyone when my birthday is... I found a note in one of my notebooks that I had written in my psych class last year on my birthday. I was acting like a sad puppy! Haha, it was talking about how it was already 3:30 and no one from my family had called and wished me a happy birthday yet! It happened eventually, of course. I was just impatient. That was a bland birthday that went by unnoticed. Can't wait for the same thing this year! WOO!! Haha, I'm not even sure why I'm talking about my birthday right now- it's not for a nother four months! =P
Now that I think about it though- I'm not sure I've ever received a surprise. Hmm...

Just reminiscing on the past year, I suppose. Like when my mom sent me that picture of just Joe's face and it was all beaten up. No explanation or nuthin' and she didn't pick up her phone when I had called. Naturally, I was worried sick and over-reacting already. Turns out his face was just stepped on with a soccer cleet and he went unconcious and had to go to the hospital. They had to wake him up every 3 hours that night. Just a minor concussion. Nothing that serious.

*shudders* hospitals freak me out. I hate needles. When I get old- I'd rather just die in my house than have needles be jabbed into my arms and whatnot. I'll pass on the morphine injections and draining of fluids, thanks. I don't like even visiting hospitals. They make me cringe and I feel sick when looking at the patients and stuff. I am not a fan.

Upon searching for my ipod shuffle charger, I realized that I am the only one home right now.... Perfect opportunity to run away.... hahaha.... but seriously. Anyway, I'm not sure if I can leave the house for my walk now! =[ I don't have a key. And I'm not strong enough at the moment to climb through Joe's window when I get back. It's so lovely looking out though!!! How sad.

Well, maybe I'll go for a walk/run anyway and just stay locked out for a couple hours. Hmm... I better get a move on, I suppose. I work later..... *sigh* and my thoughts are torturing me. It might be good to clear my head in the safest way possible.

Chau for now.

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