Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm pissed off, ticked off, in need of a massage....

I want to scream. I just thought of an extremely artistic picture that I am going to attempt to draw tomorrow. Or I'll be too lazy (which thinking about my lack of enthusiasm makes me even more angry). Tonight just got worse as it went on. And coming home to find my grades waiting for me on the computer made this faintly beating heart drop lower into my chest. My parents are never going to let me go to Disney now.

There goes my dream.

Tomorrow I'll turn my attitude around, but as I lie awake tonight, I have never felt so tense in my life. My mother spoke to me today about skipping a semester of school to stay home and work. I pretended to ignore her. And work did not help to sooth my brooding temper. I worked the window with Ben, who somehow swindled a break from his father, while Taylor got none. I also dealt with a horrible woman today. I hope she didn't really mother those children... That's an awful thing to say, I know, but she was dreadful. She decided that it was best to complain that she thought our chopped nuts were stale and therefore, tells me that she wants another one (after she has already paid). Ten minutes after I let her walk away, Taylor announced that it is illegal to take back products we sell- even if it is just going in the trash. So I felt like an idiot. I then got to watch Brad as he tried to get every girls' number in the place. Honestly, it was kind of disgusting to watch. He's cute, I'm not going to lie- but he couldn't have sounded more pig-like to me than he did tonight. I was also corrected on how I did certain things because they weren't "the best way" of doing it. I got offered (err guaranteed basically) a job that my mom thinks is too far of a drive. I served a teenager that resembled a girl that made my stomach turn uncomfortably at one point it time. The blood, I'm sure, was rather drained from my face before I did my double take. I also met an adorable little boy that reminded me of someone else too- both a good and bad thing. He was super cute though. :) I got stuck doing dishes because it is a "girl's job" and I didn't care to hear the guys complain about it the whole time.

On the bright side, I reminisced with Matt this morning about cartoons and such. And he gave me some music- and we all know I love music. And I returned an inbox message to the person that has been chatting with me lately- it was comforting to see that they wrote and I'm still flattered that they picked my quote to effect them so much.

My stomach is in a million knots and I just want to talk to someone but I refuse to do so. It's not important if it is not their problem. Goodnight, world.

Chou for now.

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  1. Brillant Idea.....Take a semester off to 'work' at Disney!!! Makes complete sense to me!!!