Saturday, May 23, 2009

It has been a stressful day off of work to say the least.

I awoke to find myself waiting patiently for Joe to come home with the car (he had a half day and I intended on job hunting). My dad came home at about 12:30 to find me lying in bed, still in my pajamas, and reading a book. Therefore, he is convinced that on my days off of work (though there are few), I spend my time doing nothing but lying around and doing nothing of importance. As he left the house, however, I began to apply for a job at AMC Rochester. I called my mom to ask a question about references and could hear my dad yelling in the background. He wanted me to apply to Beyond Juice. Josh K works there... For some reason, that makes it like "special" or something. I do not really have any desire to work there- true, I was going to apply originally, but upon being forced to apply, I responded with a simple, "I'll get to it eventually" and I nearly got my head chopped off through the phone. "We'll see if you go to Disney...." And with that, I told my mom that I needed to go, and I hung up.

I finished my application. Cried a bit here and there at the thought of my entire dream job slipping away though. Then, once Joe showed up after going out to lunch with his friends, I took the keys and drove to Beyond Juice and asked Josh and Bobby if they were hiring. Another online application. I hate online applications. They are the most unprofessional (in my opinion) way of applying for a job. I could lie if I wanted to and the application is probably just filed away and never given a second glance. Besides, Josh said that they were hiring... but he didn't sound enthuised- like they were maybe hiring only a couple more people. They don't get that busy anyway. Come on, they are no Dairy Queen.

I bought a smoothie which came with a free slice of delicious poppy-seed bread (I got two pieces because Bobby didn't know that Josh handed me one). I then returned to the big van in hopes of finding more places that were hiring. My mom was coming out of the bank as I climbed into the car. She came over and we talked for a bit and ugh... well, I won't get into it, but I must say that I thought some thoughts that should never have crossed my mind after our conversation was over. I was, in all honesty, disgusted and intensely repulsed and I thought things that I never would have imagined thinking. My mom had not said anything or done anything wrong.

I had the strongest desire to talk to someone ASAP. And when I got home (after purchasing a ton of stuff I don't need, of course), I was relieved to see Alana online. But I never really brought up what was bugging me. I'm beginning to think that it's best if I just keep my mouth shut about things, so maybe that is what stopped me. Either that or the call for dinner.

I finished re-reading Harry Potter. Luckily, when I was at Border's, I bought two more books. One was suggested by my co-worker and it intrigued me. The other... well, it's The Notebook. I just thought it'd be a good read and that maybe I should give it a shot. I also bought a book that listed a bunch of words that are considered "unmanly" and I laughed quite hysterically at some of the words when I pictured people saying them.

Tried helping out the one friend that has been messaging me lately. I suppose I'm not really a huge help- just an ear that listens when needed. Sometimes that is all that is needed, I think.

Tomorrow brings me back to work, yet again. No surprise there. I might be working all day on Sunday. My feet are going to hate me, but whatever. I work hard and hopefully it all pays off. Well, time to sleep.

Chou for now.

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