Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a big week.

Matt S came and visited me on Wednesday. He's amazing and I'm so glad that we're such good friends!! We met up with Jennifer and Steph K and we went bowling. We took a lot of pictures :P. I'd post them on here, but it's kind of late so I'll wait until later. It was ladies night at the bowling ally so Jennifer, Steph, and I didn't have to pay. It was a lot of fun :). Matt and I went back to my house and we watched a horror film called Feardotcom. It was awful and we both fell asleep in the basement while watching it. Matt had to leave in the morning because someone's car brokedown and his band needed to be in Lansing for their last recording. I can't wait for their CD release party. I promised him I would go. I don't want to break that promise! I'll never live it down if I'm not there, haha. Anyway, I miss him already!

Thursday I worked again. A longer shift than the usual, but it went by fairly quickly. Andy and Heidi were both working and it reminded me that I will never date anyone I work with. Wow. Haha, and I discovered my gift of communicating through only facial expressions. We also got a bonus with our pay checks- a $25 gift card to the movies.

I used that gift card today and took Mandy to the movies. It sure was great to see her again :). We saw Up. It was cute and sad and almost made me cry a couple times. But I want to see it again in 3D. Afterwards we walked around the mall. I walked into American Eagle and there were some extremely good looking guys working. And, in my opinion, the one was being rather.... outgoing? Haha with Mandy and I. He complimented me on everthing I picked out and also asked me about my locket (which is a big deal to me because it's a very important piece of jewelry to me, haha... sentimental value...). Anyway, he was gorgeous and his name was Disco. And we walked by again later and he caught my eye and I waved. He smiled and I melted. SO cute. We're going back to that AE later this week- Steph, Jen, and I. I'm going to be forward if he's there. I want to have a fun summer. No time for moping. Fun only. Got it? Good.

Nothing else has really happened.... I haven't read in a while, sadly. By a while, I mean like two or three days. I spent all my tip money (I bought two polos because they were on sale and I wanted an excuse to talk to Disco more, hahaha). Luckily Tuesday I may get more. I'm not very tired. Started watching Disturbia again, but decided that it's getting late and who knows when my mom will check on me, haha. I'll keep you updated asap.

Chou for now.

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