Friday, May 15, 2009

Middle schoolers' do not leave tips.

Well, if they do- it's usually maybe 24 cents worth every 16th kid, haha. I worked from 1-7 today because we had 150 Hart track team runners coming in from 2:30-3. The line was absolutely insane and I was working the window with Gilda. Yes, Gilda, the 80 year-old woman who has been at Dairy Queen since before I was born, is partially deaf, easily confused, doesn't speak louder than a whisper, wears a wig, and silently passes gas without warning. She's a cute old lady, but I really don't think she should still be working. She told me she likes working with me today though; because I don't yell at her and I'm basically understanding when she makes a mistake. Hey, she's old and I'm not going to disrespect the lady. I just wish she would warn us all before she let one loose, so we don't have to make up a code saying for it. It's so nasty smelling. Hahaha, sorry, not a pleasant topic. :P

I need a hair cut... Well, a trim at least. My bangs are super long right now and I'm starting to receive the you-look-emo comments from people like my older brother, Matt. I thought my hair looked pretty sweet today though. Oh, and some middle school boy took a picture of me when he was at my window. Kids are crazy.

I had a huge long debate with Matt about "rating" people of the opposite sex. I think he won the argument? But I still stand by my own statements. I hate arguing with him, even if it is just joking- you can't win!! Seriously.

Well, that's basically it for today, I think. OH! I almost forgot! Joe passed his driver's test and can now officially drive around by himself. He was so psyched about it when he showed up at work today. It was cute. He's growing up and stuff; it's weird but awesome. I suddenly feel really old, haha. I'm not even... wow. Crazy. Anyway....

Chou for now.

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