Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There is an app for that

I just about died of laughter at dinner tonight.

We were just finishing up and my parents and I were talking about how I had taken the dog for a walk, when my grandma suddenly cuts in and says, "Hey, Matt, you have an ipod?" To which Matt said he didn't but he has something similar to it. So my grandma then proceeded to ask, "In the ipod commercial, they always say there is an ____ for that. What are they saying? I can never figure out the third word. Is it add or abb or...?" Joe then interrupted with the correct word- App. We then explained what an app. was to my grandparents and now my grandma cannot stop saying "There's an app for that" I just about died of laughter. She is so funny and cute and yeah.... Wow.... Hmm... Good times.

Other than that, I have just about wasted my day. I picked up Joe at about 3:30 or 4, proceeded to take him to Dairy Queen, where I got a large shake and a small blizzard. I had planned on renting a movie, but quite frankly, I have no money left to do so. I wish I owned the Notebook. That would've been a good movie for tonight and my large amounts of ice cream, I think. After ice cream, I went to Hollywood market to pick up some crescent roll stuff for my mom to make dinner. She said she'd pay me back... I doubt it, but whatever. Joe kept my afternoon errand running interesting at least. He bought me an itunes card too- of course, I have to return the favor when I have money to afford it. =P

I wish I had something to do tonight. Someone to see or somewhere to go; but alas, another night at home... It's not so bad.

I'm listening to This Evil World by Gob. I must say I like it at the moment... Just a good song for me right now? Hahaha, I don't know. I just like it. Have a nice night <3>

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