Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today I successfully managed to think myself into a turmoil of endless thoughts.

Mostly about my secret plans that will probably never actually occur. I wrote a whole note about it, I guess... But the point got lost in all of the questions and jumble of words, so I only let one person read it. We both agreed it was an extremely confusing entanglement of sentences. Therefore, I'm going to leave that kind of thinking in my head from now on, I think.

I'm a thinker... That's what I've been told recently. It used to be rational thinking only. But now a border was breached and the irrational seeped through and mixed with the rational, so it's hard to sort through it all sometimes.

ANYWAY, haha, today was all around uneventful. Oooo guess what?! I ACTUALLY SLEPT WELL! For the first time in months. Especially since I've been home! I was so happy that I slept well when I woke up. I read a lot today. I'll probably read some more before I sleep too.

I saw LHNW's spring concert today. It was pretty good. The band was a bit lacking... Can't help but feel like I should've been up there helping the flutes out (especially on that last piece). I discovered one of my mother's favorite songs and could've sworn she was about to cry when Adam and Hunter sang it. Carrie got a standing ovation. She deserved it, of course; she has the most beautiful voice and she sang the perfect song to show her range. Overall, everything sounded very nice and I'd like to thank them all for a beautiful performance.

Mrs. Weber was there and informed me on how she had attended the Disney college program. My mother seems to think that I need to talk to someone about it. Whereas, I believe I already know that I want to go. It'd be good for me, I think, and it would get my foot in the door too. It's been a dream for a long time now, and I'm trying as best as I can to make it come true. I just wish that I had money and time to make everything work.

I want to dance. Strange as it sounds, it's true. The next day that I have off of work, I will be dancing in my bridesmaid dress (or whatever dress I try on) both slow and fast. Dreaming out loud in a way. I can't wait :)

Alana introduced me to a new song that is so catchy! I bought it on itunes already, haha. It's called "All of the Above" :) and it's fun. And I just asked Adam about learning that one song on guitar. Maybe I'll surprise my mommy and play it for her. That'd be nice.

Work tomorrow from 5-close. Find out my schedule for next week too. And I continue the job search. I hope I can find something. Maybe I'll try the movie theater... if my parents allow it. They should. I'm 18 and I'm capable of walking outside at night without getting raped. They need not worry.

Chau for now.

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