Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, today was rather bland.

All I did was read and wait for a car to return home. Once Joe came home from school, I went to go rent a movie. However, when I reached blockbuster, my father called to yell at me and tell me that I can't take the car whenever I want. So I left disgruntled and without a movie. When I got home I tried to pour myself a glass of milk but was abruptly halted when my mom informed me that it was the last of the milk and unless I wanted to go get some from the grocery store.... I was not happy at this comment- I had just come from Kroger area and she could've mentioned it to Dad, and he in turn could've relayed the info to me. In conclusion, I skipped dinner and pleaded "not hungry".

Back to work tomorrow. And the next day and the next day.... At least I get tips tomorrow. Unfortunately, I normally use my tips as my spending money. However, this year I should probably just put most of it in the bank with my paycheck. I'm clinging to my dream of being able to afford a college education. I can't help but feel like my attempts are failing though. We'll see.

Tom and Matt made me a sandwich tonight and it was delicioussssss! I should hang out with Tom more often when I'm up at school- especially if it means free sandwiches :P my mood was transformed and I was overwhelmed with happiness at one point, actually. Happy thoughts or even not so happy ones gave me a boost for some reason.

Getting my hair cut or trimmed on Friday, I think. And well... I'm actually rather tired at the moment. Weird.

Chou for now.

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  1. Sounds like you're having the home for the first summer after college blues!!! I'm not gonna say it gets better but both you and your parents will become more understanding!!!