Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So I know I shouldn't laugh; mostly because it isn't actually funny.

But I mean, come on. I've never been so confused by one person in my whole life. I was told that a friendship was possible and our best bet. Yet, apparently, I'm not allowed to be friendly without being considered fake. I'm fake, then I break and freak out, and then I try to pick up the pieces again. That's what I was told. Ridiculous, haha, my life doesn't revolve around them- I'm actually happy. I don't know how much longer I can last when being called out for "fakeness" when really, I'm just being myself. It doesn't make a friendship work too well.

In other news, my older brother is giving me the silent treatment, I think. Something that will eventually just blow over and we'll both just forget. Our family isn't one for holding grudges, so I'm not worried. I provoked it, and I deserve it, I'll admit that much. But I don't think that anyone deserves to be cussed out over the phone. Honestly? I hate it when people use profanity towards me in general. It's unattractive and it just hurts me to hear. Weird perhaps? -shrugs- I don't know.

I think I developed a "date night" with Max...? Hahaha, we're going to the movies every Monday night now. He made me pick last time and I refuse to make a decision this next Monday. We saw Drag Me to Hell, which was not scary but funny (it wasn't supposed to be scary). It was nice to just chill and hang out and stuff. The night took a turn for the worse after that though, when Brad called Max and... well, it just wasn't good. Let's just say a car window got punched out.

Mandy and Emma invited me to the Jonas Brothers concert in July. I kind of want to be crazy- not because I'm a HUGE fanatic or anything- just because I enjoy getting crazy looks from people =]. Life is meant to be fun and I'm going ot enjoy it. So if i show up dressed like Wendy from Peter Pan and ask people where Peter has run off to, then so be it. I love Disney and this is the perfect opportunity to just have fun with it, haha. I'm so excited. Now I just need a costume. =]

Well, get off your butt and go enjoy your day. Computers aren't everything. They aren't even that much fun! :P

Chow for now.

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