Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Italian language is pretty similar to Spanish. Just a slight different pronunciation of words. Then again, I suppose you could say that about a lot of different languages. Well, regardless, I think Italian is a beautiful language. And therefore, have decided to learn it.

That way I can say things that no one understands... haha, for some reason that makes me a slight bit cooler. It's a language that I think is often overlooked. And I find it fascinating. It makes me feel like I'm motivated to do something worthwhile. Or something of that nature anyway.

I just designed a pair of converse but didn't order them because I'm trying to cut back on using my card on the internet. BUT I do need a pair of shoes to just chill around in. I need to monitor the little money that I have. I've got big dreams to fulfill. None of which are going to be very cheap.

I bought an ipod. Did I mention that already? It's 120GB. Plus, my zune magically started working again- so basically I have 150GB at least of music/videos/tv shows/games to fill. I'm pretty excited. Music is like my life outside of the physical aspect of art.

I'm going to the zoo with Alana on Wednesday and I couldn't be any more excited! I cannot wait to see her! Plus, I get to cross something off my list of things to do this summer!!! It's going to be an awesome day, basically.

Speaking of Wednesday, it is my ONLY day off this week. Well, besides Saturday; but that's because I took Saturday off for my grandma's 80th birthday cause we're doing this huge family thing. Apparently, it's a big deal. ANYWAY, only one real day off this week- which is both good and bad. The bad part of it being that I have no free time and Dad found out about my hair and flipped his lid, I guess. My parents' are afraid that I'm going to come home with more piercings and a tattoo without telling them.
Granted, that's not entirely untrue. It's my body and my life. It's time that I took some control. Even if I do have to hide it from the world. We'll see how it goes. I'm going to let them cool down for a bit first because Dad went on "lockdown" basically. He's afraid of me going out and doing something he doesn't like and therefore is revoking car priviledges. Yet, Matt is allowed to do basically whatever, whenever- then again, he's 21 and rebels to no end.
Either way- my life. And I'm tired of people deciding certain things for me. Time for a little rebellion.

Tonight was a lot of fun. BBQ with the DQ crew. We played Taboo (the girls won, of course) and then Apples to Apples. I showed a lot of people my rather dirty mindset with a couple of unexpected comments. It was all in good fun though and a great laugh. I'm glad that I get along with the people I work with- well, most of them. Gilda hated me today... But, I mean, she's like 80 and we needed A LOT done today. Plus, I'm not going to lie, I want a raise. I SHOULD have a raise. It's my third year and what I get paid is just ridiculous- you can ask just about anyone there. Three years means a raise, not a pay-cut, Tom. Come on.

I need prayers. Not as much as a lot of people, but I'd appreciate them anyway. The reason is perhaps a silly one, but I'm too embarrassed to share or admit it. So I'm just asking without giving good reasons. Everyone could use a prayer now and then.

I'm going to pop in the Italian for a little bit before bed. And maybe read a little too. I feel more studious now than I do when I'm in school. Goodnight, internet world.

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