Monday, August 3, 2009

Notes to self:

  • don't use a bad week as an excuse for retail therapy
  • there is a song for EVERYTHING
  • never hook up with a best friend's sibling (and then act like it's cool to talk about)
  • don't be generous when you're on a budget- you can't afford it.
  • be grateful for your crappy job
Those are my notes for this week. There are about a million more notes to be taken but not mentioned here. I think I'll play around on the piano today. I work at five again. Work last night was like, THE WORST NIGHT of work EVER. And then I came home to see things that I didn't like at all. And life is just completely frustrating right now.

Completely frustrating.
And saddening.

I'm not ready for school but I'm ready to be away from home.

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