Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This amused me.

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People. (but don't say their name)

10. You've brought my faith back to life. And yet, you think that I'm the one who is more mature. There is a reason that I couldn't tell you why I was upset the other night. I'm sorry. I'm not as mature as you think.
9. Out of the blue. And *poof* it's not the same. I just wish I had seen it coming. I still defend you. Even if you don't do the same for me.
8. You can insult my family. I can't stop you from thinking that way even if you are wrong. But then expect me to insult your intelligence afterwards. By the way, you were a way to rebel and piss people off. Never again.
7. Yo, I am not an idiot. I know you like me. So don't yell at me because I don't return the feelings. You're a good friend and I'm doing everything in my power not to hurt you. P.S. Your perspective on life could use a little work.
6. If you weren't in my life, I'd be more of a trainwreck. You listen without question. I will never ever forget you- you will always be a best friend.
5. You complain a lot. But you've always been there for me. And quite frankly, who doesn't complain? I love you and miss you and our crazy adventures. Life is slightly boring without you around.
4. You can tell me that it was your fault. You can say that I did nothing wrong. But I will always believe that I was the one at fault. And now I've destroyed pretty much everything that I ever hoped of sharing with you and you claim that you don't know what I am anymore. If anyone was supposed to understand- it was supposed to be you. You say you're trying. Yet, you say you aren't around and you don't stay in touch. How is that trying? Ugh- forget it. There is just way too much that I have never said to you. This isn't the place for it.
3. You always make my day a little bit better. No matter what.
2. I really want this to work. And I'm really hoping you're not going to be a jerk. Cause I think you're great. Always have. Don't worry. I do really want this to work though- it's pretty obvious, I think.
1. You're girlfriend should kill me. Either that or my guilt will.

Nine things about myself:

9. I don't say much. I think it instead.
8. Sometimes I think that my crazy fascination with Disney will scare off people. More importantly, boys, haha.
7. I'm sick of MI. More importantly, my home town. I am unbelievably excited to possibly not be there next summer. I need a change.
6. I don't like receiving anonymous things like flowers and notes. Don't admire me secretly- tell me to my face. I know it's scary... but I won't lash out at you and plus, it makes you appear more confident, which is more attractive than the cowardice of hiding anonymously. I've just had bad experiences with it... haha so yeah.
5. There is this whole version of me that I'm afraid to show. Because as much as I'd like to deny it- I am afraid people wouldn't like me.
4. I read an article about how it's scientifically proven that redheads experience more pain than people with other hair colors. And now I wonder if the same holds true for broken hearts.
3. I think like a tragic poet sometimes. So sue me. #4 proves it slightly, haha. People mistake me as a pessimist then. Which is ridiculous because I'm not- I actually love life. A lot. I'm just realistic. I'm not going to sugar-coat it for you.
2. I had my friend Tiffany order me a pizza when she was down in Arkansas. My parents believed that to be a sign that I am terrified of my own shadow basically. Truth is, I thought it would be really funny and I miss Tiffany.
1. Dresses make me feel confident and graceful and beautiful. Until I trip and fall... Which has yet to happen so we're good.

Eight ways to win my heart.

8. Music. Guitar is a plus. Piano is a plus. Singing is a huge plus. Just music. I love it.
7. Make me laugh- apparently, I don't do it enough.
6. HONEST flattery is always nice. Say cute things to me. Say nice things to me. Make me blush. Be sweet. That kind of stuff.
5. Faith and morals. I find that unbelievably attractive and respectable.
4. Listen to me. And when I tell you that I'm being truly honest- I am. Don't tell me I'm lying. That just upsets and frustrates me.
3. Do stuff even if you don't really like it maybe? Like... if I want to watch the Notebook or a sappy chick-flick or a Disney movie, watch it with me.
2. Hold my hand.
1. Be confident. Take chances. Be spontaneous. All that stuff... haha

Seven things that cross my mind a lot.

7. The future freaks me out.
6. Boys- it's a love/hate thing
5. fairytales or dreams
4. Music
3. Walking outside on a nice day
2. homework that I neglect to do
1. whether or not to take a nap.

Six things I do before I fall asleep

6. wash my face/go to the bathroom
5. set my alarm
4. turn on my lamp so i can see where i'm going to get up into bed
3. pray
2. toss and turn with restless thoughts.
1. watch friends.

Five people who mean a lot.

5. Mom and Dad and siblings.
4. Grandparents.
3. Alana and Mandy and all my close friends.
2. Mia, my dog.
1. Aaron.

Four things you're wearing right now.

4. NW shirt that we signed.
3. Red shorts :]
2. Black hat
1. contacts

Two things you want to do before you die.

2. Get married and have kids and help support a family (I think all those things go together)
1. Help create something that brings happiness to everyone- Disney movie.

One confession.

1. I believe that love has a meaning. But I don't believe that it matters.

I was going to put something at the bottom of this whole thing, but I forget what it was. I got too distracted... hahahaha

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