Friday, September 11, 2009

You know, I don't really know what I want to write about today.
I also figured that writing something is more productive than falling back asleep.

Apparently, I could not sleep last night. I had a very long and in depth conversation with my friend Jake until about 2AM. After that, I took some Nyquil and hopped up into my lofted bed. I seriously tossed and turn for what seemed like an hour (probably only a half hour) and then finally I fell asleep and was COMPLETELY knocked out. Like, I'm lucky I woke up for my alarm, I think.

I got a text last night that read this, "Hey, i know its really late... I really hope im not waking you, but i have a question for you. And its probably not what youd expect..." (sent at 3:43AM). I still have not been asked whatever question the individual has for me. And although it does spark my interest, I figure that people should realize that there is nothing that I don't expect nowadays. The world is a crazy place that is full of unexpected things. Therefore, I find it best to "expect the unexpected", if you will.

Everyone is going to MSU this weekend, I guess. Well, everyone but me pretty much. I need to get some homework done so it'll be nice in that aspect. But still, part of me feels like I'm missing out- the other part of me is like HECK YES! haha. I'm hoping that this weekend will be full of unexpected, pleasant surprises. :]

Classes are boring. There is no other way to put it really. The only interesting class that I have is my TAI class and that is a performance class.

Other than that- life is pretty normal. Oh, I found out that my buddy, Matt, is moving to WI on my birthday. This saddens me, obviously. He's going to be really missed. A lot.

The Disney presentation is next month and I could not be more anxious and excited about it! And right after I get that all figured out, I have Mere and Mike's wedding to attend!!!! <3

That's all for now.

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