Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I've decided that a big part of me hates blogs.

A big part of it is that when you read someone's blog, and they write about another individual and are being vague, part of you assumes that they are referring to you- even if they aren't at all. It's this never-ending cycle.

People read too much into things.

And another reason I don't like blogs?
I do it. Others do it.
I don't have any reason to! I just do it. Like I'm trying to one-up someone sometimes it seems.
Sometimes I just want to turn to people (myself included) and be like, "don't dwell on it" or the more-harsh version, "get over it". Blogs are filled with the same experiences over and over and over- just slightly different. Typically anyway. And if they aren't blogs that pertain to those situations, then they seem to drag or appear as less than interesting.
People feed off of drama.

But then there is this completely other part of me that feels completely invigorated when I write something that is in the moment. Something that displays my current raw emotion or lack-there-of. I write because I want people to read what I write. I'd explain, but the rest of what I'm trying to say escapes me.

I registered for classes today. Sixteen credits. Nineteen if I can swing getting into photography. I'm honestly not worried about not having free time or not being able to handle the work-load. I can do this. I know for a fact that I can.

I think my mind just exploded on this blog page. Sometimes I read over what I write as if I were someone else and it makes no sense, haha. Sometimes my words can only be heard by my own ears.


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