Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Day.

Today was a good day.

I got to sleep in a little later than normal, because I didn't have a final until noon. The final was basic. English composition- in class essay. It wasn't something I could study for and I'm sure I did fine. After that, I actually made an effort to be on time to the painting studio today to turn in my final project. We were told to come back in about 2 hours to pick up our grades and our paintings. Allen decided that he just wanted to sit in the hall for the two hours and play pokemon. I offered to stay with him despite my lack of hand-held gaming system. In my opinion, it was worth it. He's fricken adorable. He let me listen to his ipod too and I discovered that I think he has great taste in music. I was called into the painting studio at one point and my instructor told me that she loved my final painting and is going to put it in the student art exhibit at the beginning of next semester! This is pretty awesome, in my opinon. She only gets to pick five paintings out of her entire class- and we've had a total of like three big projects. That's a lot of paintings- and mine was one of the ones she chose. It's kind of a big deal.

After collecting my other paintings (I left my supplies there... I was distracted, you'd understand), Allen and I walked together- when we hit the hallway where we normally part ways, he asked if I was going that way or the same way he was going. I didn't know how to answer so I didn't. So, he then grabbed my hand and told me he'd drive me back to my dorm. We held hands just about the whole way to his car. It was adorable. I've never had my hand held in public like that before. It probably held more value to me than it did him, but I don't care. Five minutes after getting out of his car, I got a text that said, "Hey, you're cute". Seriously, guys? It's the little things that make me smile. Things like holding hands and silly texts that tell me I'm cute. THE LITTLE THINGS MATTER.

I still don't trust him completely though. And I'm starting to worry about the upcoming break. This should not be a concern of mine. It's not like we're "together". I don't really know.

The rest of my day was pretty basic (I think basic is like my word of the day or something). I watched part 2 of Alice on SyFy- I thought it was pretty awesome, personally. And then I chilled until midnight, when I witnessed yet another midnight scream across campus. People do this every semester right before finals in order to relieve stress- it's both effective and comical. Someone yelled "Expecto Patronum" at one point and another guy streaked.

My computer is making this strange static noise. I'm not a fan. Maybe I should give it a rest.
Goodnight. Hope your day was as good as mine!

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