Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm in Chicago area visiting my sister.

I love visiting her. It's always fun, despite the constant battle with the internet connection and lack of cable. Instead, I've been Christmas shopping (unsuccessful so far, but going back out tomorrow) and I've sat in on her middle schoolers. I've read some of my book too. It's truly an enjoyable time. Her middle schoolers believe that I remarkably resemble that of Taylor Swift and have proceeded to ask for my autograph (I humored them) and then began to ask if I would sing for them. Some of them actually call me Taylor instead of by my name. I don't mind. It's really cute. Kids are adorable.

I'm having second thoughts about New Years and the boy I've been "dating". I'll keep you posted if I feel the need.

Alright, it's only 10:45 here and I'm actually tired already. Short post today.
Goodnight <3

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  1. Awe that is really sweet of the kids! I love children too, they are a breath of fresh air.