Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here is what I think:

Everyone is focused on "me".
Me, me, me.
Myself included.

I'm making my problems out to be bigger than they are. Or am I? Is it immature to feel like no one gives a *excuse me* shit about what is going on with me? But maybe that's selfish of me.

But if it is so selfish of me, then why do other people get away with it and I am not allowed? Are their problems bigger than mine? And whose right is it to judge who has bigger/worse problems? I'm not looking to bring the focus on myself, although it may seem like it sometimes. All I want is simple:
Try caring for someone other than yourself.

They say that at these moments in life, you discover who your true friends are.
Well, what happens when the smoke clears and you realize that you've been abandoned?

Disclaimer: this blog was, in all honesty, not directed towards any one particular individual.

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  1. When I was in grade 12, I was having a lot of difficulty with my group of friends. Everyone was legit praising this one girl who was a compulsive liar. I couldn't take that and I confronted her. Before I did so, girls I thought I'd be friends with forever told me that the compulsive liar would "ruin" me and leave me with no friends. Well, though the compulsive liar did decide to turn everyone against me (or so it actually felt because no one really talked to me after that when she was in the room), I learned that I wouldn't want to be friends with people who didn't give a crap about me.

    I'm much better off today than I was in high school-consumed with fake personalities. It sucked at the time to feel alone and "abandoned" (as you said) but just remember that when you come to terms with the fact that YOU are more important than anyone else, you will finally be able to be rid of all the insignificant people who didn't give a crap about you in your time of need.

    It sucks but you'll be ok. Since my situation, I am a lot more open about my feelings, I can deal with people when they decide to screw me over, and I've become stronger all together. I also have a core group of friends from all different "scenes" that I could not live without.

    The sun's coming, love.