Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Fine Line:

Oh world, why have you warped how people view themselves? Has it always been this way or did someone just start the trend?

People all over have problems with self-image or self-esteem. We accept compliments, yes, but do we truly believe what those people say to us?

“You’re amazing.”

So is that a lie or is it a reality? How would you take that? Would you think to yourself, “Yeah, you know. I am a pretty amazing person”, or would you opt for more of a, “Yeah, sure. Thanks for being nice and flattering me for once.”

We all like to receive compliments. It’s natural to feel a sense of gratitude when someone says something nice about you to you personally. A sense of happiness that you, yes you, are considered amazing or beautiful or smart or funny or all of the above- and then some- to someone. Because really, you don’t want to allow yourself to feel those things about yourself.

Hold on, hold on. Stay with me here.

It’s true. Some people are perfectly comfortable with themselves and have no problem admitting it. But then, if you openly admit that you are something good, what does society do? How do they take your open comfort with who you are?

If I looked at you right now- maybe I barely know you, or maybe I know you fairly well- and said “Hey. I am one awesome person. I’m beautiful and smart and talented.”
How would you react?

The truth is: accepting the fact that you are something good implies a subtle hint of conceit. You like yourself, and, for some reason, that has to be unacceptable to the rest of the world. Accepting it is a dangerous line, because if you openly do choose to accept it, then you are giving people the chance to mistake you as arrogant.

Granted, I’m not saying go out there and advertise how awesome of a person you are, because, yes, sometimes the line into arrogance is crossed if not careful. Humility is respected, and touting is unattractive to say the least.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that I don’t want to be a part of that world (No, don’t take that as a suicidal statement). I want you to like and accept the good parts of you.

You are beautiful, smart, funny, talented, amazing, etc.

The world can’t take that away from you.

Don’t let them.

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