Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here I was, dreading my 8AM because I had been procrastinating assignment until 1AM. But God has blessed me with an e-mail from my professor to inform me that class tomorrow is canceled.
I have a headache and a heavy heart tonight.
You know, it really is the nights that get me the worst. I’m okay around people during the day and I can even pretend to cover hurt with a smile and a casual conversation. But at night? At night I’m by myself in my room and I can just let it out and talk to God without interruption. I have SO many questions, you know.
Oh to ponder the impossibilities and possibilities of life.
Feelings are an interesting thing to ponder. Why bother with them. Why can’t I just seem to discard them. Would that make me less human? And why do I feel things and others don’t?
What makes one person right and one person wrong?
So many questions. Not enough time to ask them.

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  1. I think part of believing in God involves asking a lot of questions and getting to learn more about yourself, about others, and about God throughout the process.