Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember everything:

You know, I never thought it would even matter to me if people remember the little things or not. I mean, I have an excellent memory so I'm not going to forget moments and days and specific details. And that should be good enough, right? At least someone is remembering. Right? Am I right?

People affect me.

Yeah, it is a broad statement. Like, duh. People affect other people all the time. But I mean people really affect me. I could hardly know you and you could've changed my entire day or my perspective on something. You could've made me smile for a moment. You could've brought me happiness that I will remember for the rest of my life. And I could have hardly known you. It's a fact.

That is the kind of memory I have.

It's kind of like a photographic memory to an extent. I can literally close my eyes and see the exact moment in time and I can actually feel the same way I knew I felt then. It's like I'm there all over again.
And I wonder if people have a memory like mine sometimes.

Do boys have a harder time remembering things than girls? I mean, I'm sure I could just google it and find some bizarre statistic that tells me that they do. Meh.

I remember all the way back to kindergarten. I think that is my earliest memory. I chased Terri around the playground at recess while giving him the finger. He'd told me that the middle finger was a bad thing when held up by itself. And I ran around after him, telling him "it is just a finger".

Anyway, this whole talk about memories is probably due to the fact that the boy I had last "dated" or had a thing with or whatever did not remember watching a movie with me. I know, I know- big deal, Lydia. It's a movie and it isn't important.
But you see. I remember what movie we were watching, I remember we watched the Red Wings before-hand, I remember talking about the Tigers and learning which one is "his Tiger", I remember what I was wearing, I remember exactly what he said after he first kissed me.
And I remember it was the very first time I had actually sat down and hung out with him.

So yeah, it wasn't a big deal that he doesn't remember what movie it was. And it really isn't a big deal that he remember any of it anymore. Which is why I didn't make it into a big, unnecessary deal. I'm not sure why I even chose to mention it exactly. I think maybe I was hoping that it were all important enough to be remembered. So it just felt weird.

It's weird to think about what people won't remember about me sometimes.

Haha, yeah, so weird end to a strange post. But here is a recap:
I have a good memory.
People affect me.
I have an a skewered twisted view on what I want people to remember...? (there was a subtle hint of this point, I believe).

That's about it.
*sigh* my mind just started going now, haha.
Better get started on this painting project.


  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) anddd no problem! I love writing comments on your posts. I also want people to remember the little things. The little things are most important. XO

    oh and p.s. don't worry about deleting your twitter! :P

  2. Also, if it makes you feel ANY better, I would have been really sad if I was in your situation with the boy you last dated.

    I dated one of my best friends in High School-BAD CALL-and I broke it off with him because I loved him as a friend so much more than I could ever love him as a "partner." Well, he didn't like that and after I fought for his friendship time and time again, he said to me "We were never even close." That BROKE me and I have never been so sad in my life. He knows he's a jerk for saying that. The last time we were at a party together, we sat down and had a heart to heart and he said he was sorry for being an ass to me. But, that didn't change much because, hey, you and I both know he forgot the one thing that was so important to me-the time we spent together.

    Whether it's a movie, a few seconds on the phone, or an entire relationship, guys should WANT to remember the important times they've shared with us ladies. Sometimes, though, they are just SO hopeless.

    P.S. What are you studying? You write really well haha.

  3. "We were never that close". I've gotten that one before too, so I know how you must've felt. This time I got a "I regret" kind of speech from the guy. Nothing feels better than being told that you were a regret, let me tell ya (sarcasm, of course, haha). And I sit around and pretend like he and I are cool and I was never hurt and whatnot.
    I just have to keep moving.
    It's like people suffer from constant inertia sometimes. Things come to an abrupt stop, but the person can't help but want to keep moving in the same direction. Forward.

    And it did make me feel better to know that I am not a fool for feeling saddened by the lack of a memory. But not better to know that other people, like yourself, have no choice but to experience the same disappointment when it comes to this.

    P.S. I'm studying Art. I'm hoping to go into animation. Haha, and thank you. I really love to write. Part of me thinks that I would love to pursue it, but I wouldn't have any idea what I would want to do with it. So I just stick with it as a hobby instead :P And thank you- I'm really flattered and glad that you enjoy my writings.