Monday, March 15, 2010

Two places:

I could use two places right now:

1. My favorite place. Accompanied by a good conversation, a cold drink, a toasty bonfire with smores, and unbelievable amounts of fireflies.

2. Some place far away from Michigan. Preferably with a beach and maybe an open field or something of the sort. A light breeze playing with the sand. Maybe a sunset or two dancing on the horizon.

Yeah. If only.

Oh, and both places are accompanied by music of variety.
Music makes everything even better.

I'm tired of this place. I feel confined. I need to get out, meet new people, and see the world.
I'd start walking now if it were possible.

I want to live out of my car at some point in my life.
Does that make me weird?
I think it makes me adventurous and free-spirited and open to all of life's possibilities.
And that sounds like a pretty good way of living life to it's fullest to me.

I think I'll plan one for myself. Not tell anyone where I'm going or when I'm going.
Because to do so alone, I'm free to leave when I want, go anywhere I want, and not have to worry about canceled plans.
Although, I very much would like company.

I feel like my heart is wide open and it couldn't be shut if I tried to close it.
I feel completely vulnerable. To life.
So watch me leap heart-first into a world full of darkness.
Danger is always a possibility. More than a possibility, actually. More like a probability.
See you on the other side! :D

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