Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New, Signs:

It would seem that I only create a new post when I have important homework that is due the next morning.

Today wasn’t bad. It was difficult, but I shouldn’t take a day for granted.

Challenging but not something that hinders me from learning or growing or living.

We had our third painting assignment due today. I was really quite excited about it, because I was decently pleased with how my painting had turned out. I think it proceeded to make me glum about my day though. I’d explain, but I feel the need to exempt the explanation from my blog.

So all day, all I wanted was a hug.

Nay, I wanted more than that. I wanted to be held.

Do you believe in signs? Because I don’t think I do. I believe everything happens for a reason, yeah. But signs? Seems a bit farfetched to me. It seems that signs are just an excuse to tell yourself that something will happen or something is meant to be. It’s almost like believing in luck? Maybe? Sort of?

I don’t know. But if signs are for realsies then I’ve been ignoring them for the past 4 months now. If they were even to be considered as signs. What are your thoughts on the concept of signs? I’m curious to know.

Two weeks. Well, technically three if you count finals week. And then I’m free to work myself to death at a new job this summer. Yet, I am excited to be living with people I don’t know. Not just “people” but guys. I’m living with a bunch of guys and I’m excited about it. Why? No offense, ladies, but I don’t really get along with you very well anyway and guys are way less drama. You have no idea how excited I am to just put this semester behind me and meet completely new people.

New people. New place.

P.S. My sister is officially engaged.

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