Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ghost Town:

Well, I moved up to Gaylord two days ago, yesterday was my first day of work, and today was my second- I got off early.

Yesterday, I cleaned windows. Which may sound simple, I know. But the Loon has like over a hundred windows, I'm guessing. I went through three bottles of Windex! And it took me probably close to 4 or 5 hours before I was out of Windex completely. And today, what does it do outside? It rains! Haha, my supervisor actually laughed when he mentioned it and I "glared" at him.
I did a couple other things too, but the windows were a big chunk of my day. I really enjoy the people I work with. All a bunch of sarcastic, good people. It'll be a fun summer.

Today I learned how to use the computer. It rained though so I went home super early. And honestly? Gaylord has to be the quietest town EVER. The interns downstairs (3 boys my age) don't do much either- they golf. I've never golfed before in my life and I'm not about to learn on a day like today. So I've been sitting here for two hours. And it is driving me insane already. But for me to go around and wander around downtown without anyone with me isn't the same as Mt. Pleasant/on campus at CMU. I literally don't feel safe alone in this town. I went to Walmart last night and it creeped me out. Fastest shopping I'd ever done, haha.

Tomorrow I learn how to make an egg sandwich. Haha, shouldn't be too hard. But who knows. I'm working just about everywhere here this summer, I think. Besides outdoor operations. I'm food and beverage on an internship. Tomorrow I'll be in the kitchen for a bit. Today I was bartending. Yesterday, I was more or less just doing little tasks that needed to be done. I'll probably be doing the beverage cart a couple times once I get to know that better. And who knows.

I'm not paid overtime. I'm on salary because of the internship. However, I do get free room and board. It's basically like college, only without the alcohol access and work substitutes for classes.

It should be interesting. I come home tired a lot (and it is only my second day). But in my defense, my first day was a 12 hr shift roughly. And the days will only get busier and longer. I just hope that the weather picks up soon.

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Suffocation in Time:

Well, it would appear that time is suffocating me. Not in the sense that I have too much of it to know what to do, but in the sense that I do not have enough. I still am having a hard time grasping that I'm going to be living by myself for the summer. In like.................. two more days now. Wow.

I still have to clean my room. And simultaneously pack my clothes and other items. I'm supposed to pack light, which makes me feel like I'm only going to be there for a short vacation. But this isn't a vacation, it is work; and it is for the entire summer, not a couple weeks. I'm a girl. I like clothes and shoes and other useless accessories. What ever will I do?!

I should be sleeping. I have church at 9:30AM and I need to wake up earlier to shower. Then I have to go shopping with my mother after church to buy khaki pants and shorts for work. After shopping, I need to submit my English paper (I CANNOT forget to do that). And then I need to head over to Grandma's for Mother's Day; which I unfortunately realized I was unable to afford a present for my own mother =(

I told my boss at DQ today that I wasn't coming back. He took it surprisingly really well and made me realize that I had been worrying about it for nothing. Perhaps I wasn't that great of a worker anyway. Nah... that can't be it. =) I will miss working there a lot though. The people are fantastic. And I know how difficult it can be to work with awesome people.

Everybody seems to want to hang out with me on Monday, which is totally fine with me. I want to see people before I go. I just have so much to do! It's almost overwhelming. But I know I can pull it off.

I try to be friends with people and I tolerate ridiculously immature bullshit on a constant basis. Well, tonight I decided to tell myself that I deserve better than that and take another step. I deleted a guy that I had previously dated off of my facebook. Normally, I'm not for cutting people out of my life completely. But he had stopped responding to texts, he stopped responding to friendly conversation altogether actually. And when I bumped into him at the 7-11 up at school, I noticed how uncomfortable that random meeting had made him. So I watched as he was fake to my face and acting like I was still upset about everything that had ever happened. Like, dude, whatever! Relax! Haha, so me, giving him the benefit of the doubt in thinking that things were finally normal, texted him a couple days later to see how life was treating him. No response. Deleted number. Haha. The other day I tried an internet approach to conversation. No response. At that point, I decided that his immaturity about the whole thing was just not worth the effort anymore. I'm in a better place anyway. So- deleted off of facebook now. And couldn't feel less regret about it. Hope he has a wonderful life, truly. And overcomes his strong sense of immaturity when dealing with the aftermath of breaking up with a girl.

I really wanted to play Pokemon today. OR Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Well, I need to clear off my bed and get some sleep.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Fever:

Well, I'm officially done with schooling for the year. Which hopefully means more posts for you all to read. Hopefully- no promises.

Being home right now is actually bittersweet in a sense. I mean, I love being home. But I was totally stoked (still am) for this new job experience up in Gaylord. And it is just starting to sink in how much I'm going to miss being around here and all the people that I know and have grown so comfortable with. It's home. And I'll be away from it (apart from weekend visits) for basically an entire year now. It's weird. And sad. And exciting. Bittersweet. *Humph*

I'm trying to be reasonable and smart with this guy that I met about a month ago. He wanted to date over the summer and I said we should hold off and see if we can pick things back up in the fall. Truth of the matter is that I am not ready for that, I don't think. He's really great though. Practically perfect for me. I'm just not feelin' it right now, I guess? Who knows. A couple nights ago I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo with him and a couple of his buddies. I had a wonderful time. But there was one point where I said "I love you", haha, realized what words came out of my mouth, apologized, and couldn't believe I'd even said it at all. I didn't want him to take it the wrong way, which I felt he easily could've. I meant it. Just not in that way. Ya know? haha

I saw Iron Man 2 tonight with my older brother. Honestly, it was a good movie. I would recommend going to see it or at least renting it when it comes out. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the villain. I mean, come on. You've got those BA electrocuting whips, so you should be able to kick some major bootay, no? But what really happened? He hardly lasts in the final battle. It was a huge letdown as far as epic fight scenes go. And Scarlet Johansson? I've decided I am not a fan of her. I don't think she is attractive (yeah, she's got a rack and a big bum. so what?) and her acting is not up to my standards. She did alright in this particular movie. Probably the best I've seen her out of all her movies, actually. But overall, I'd give the movie a watch. Robert Downey Jr. is phenomenal like always at least.

I have a ton of crap in my room to clean before leaving on Tuesday. I literally can barely walk in there. All my college stuff is strewn across the floor like it's no big deal. I wanted to have people over tomorrow as kind of a "going away" party type thing. But, of course, those plans will probably get looked over.

Shoot. I just remembered that I still need to call and talk to my boss at the DQ... Haven't exactly broken the news to him yet. Oops. :|

Well, it is 2:30AM so I should catch some z's.
Later, readers.