Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Fever:

Well, I'm officially done with schooling for the year. Which hopefully means more posts for you all to read. Hopefully- no promises.

Being home right now is actually bittersweet in a sense. I mean, I love being home. But I was totally stoked (still am) for this new job experience up in Gaylord. And it is just starting to sink in how much I'm going to miss being around here and all the people that I know and have grown so comfortable with. It's home. And I'll be away from it (apart from weekend visits) for basically an entire year now. It's weird. And sad. And exciting. Bittersweet. *Humph*

I'm trying to be reasonable and smart with this guy that I met about a month ago. He wanted to date over the summer and I said we should hold off and see if we can pick things back up in the fall. Truth of the matter is that I am not ready for that, I don't think. He's really great though. Practically perfect for me. I'm just not feelin' it right now, I guess? Who knows. A couple nights ago I was celebrating Cinco de Mayo with him and a couple of his buddies. I had a wonderful time. But there was one point where I said "I love you", haha, realized what words came out of my mouth, apologized, and couldn't believe I'd even said it at all. I didn't want him to take it the wrong way, which I felt he easily could've. I meant it. Just not in that way. Ya know? haha

I saw Iron Man 2 tonight with my older brother. Honestly, it was a good movie. I would recommend going to see it or at least renting it when it comes out. Unfortunately, I was disappointed in the villain. I mean, come on. You've got those BA electrocuting whips, so you should be able to kick some major bootay, no? But what really happened? He hardly lasts in the final battle. It was a huge letdown as far as epic fight scenes go. And Scarlet Johansson? I've decided I am not a fan of her. I don't think she is attractive (yeah, she's got a rack and a big bum. so what?) and her acting is not up to my standards. She did alright in this particular movie. Probably the best I've seen her out of all her movies, actually. But overall, I'd give the movie a watch. Robert Downey Jr. is phenomenal like always at least.

I have a ton of crap in my room to clean before leaving on Tuesday. I literally can barely walk in there. All my college stuff is strewn across the floor like it's no big deal. I wanted to have people over tomorrow as kind of a "going away" party type thing. But, of course, those plans will probably get looked over.

Shoot. I just remembered that I still need to call and talk to my boss at the DQ... Haven't exactly broken the news to him yet. Oops. :|

Well, it is 2:30AM so I should catch some z's.
Later, readers.

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