Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Late night:

Here I am.

I'm supposed to be working on my painting project that is due this Thursday. Unfortunately, all I've done all night is find things or people to distract myself with.
Oh, and I might as well mention that I also have a two page paper due and a supposed power point presentation due tomorrow.

I want to scream.
For several different reasons that are mostly stress related and somewhat happiness related.

My parents have been driving me nuts. And I know that they are parents and that they only do and say what they do and say because they love me. And they don't think I'm going to understand them until I have kids someday, which may be true but maybe I understand them better already than they think I do.
Point is: if I want to dye my hair a temporary brunette color like I have, it should not have that much a dramatic negative response. Or so one would think...
And if I want to accept responsibility for my own stupid actions, then I should be able to do so, preferably without a lecture that I should've known this all along. If I was stupid, chances are that I'm aware of it.
And if I want to change my facebook last name, I would love to not be assumed to hate my former surname. Perhaps I was just making the change as a joke or to prove a point. Maybe...

On a happy note, I haven't had a crush on someone in what seems like eons now. And by golly, I've acquired one. And it comes with the whole butterflies and stumbling words and flirting and goofy smiles. And this feeling is wonderful and I love it and it makes me smile to just think about smiling about someone again. BUT it is just a crush. On someone who (thankfully) doesn't even go to this school (unfortunately). If it doesn't go anywhere, at least I've had fun in the moment. :)

Other than that, well, people have been saying a lot of mean things about me. Whether drunk or not. And well, I don't really care. Keep talking. Because I'm really happy right now and that isn't changing.

K love bye,