Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Work is High school:

Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

I love where I work. Typically the people that come in are wonderful- and I am not uncomfortable talking to them, even if they make inappropriate comments- I think it is funny, honestly; and I know it comes with the job. My job pays well and it is generally a fun environment.

However, there are more days that are like being in high school again. Drama-filled and gossip-prone. It’s like a jelly donut. The drama is on the surface, and once you bite into it, you get to the gossip, haha (I really just wanted to use that analogy). And most of the time, my supervisor is an ass to specifically me and the cook. Let me explain why:

My boss is in love with this girl that I work with, who is eight years younger than he is- so he is never mean to her. His best friend up here is the other guy I work with, and he thinks the bev cart girl is hilarious. That leaves me, the “stupid” intern who is nothing but overly nice and dumped on as far as workload goes.
The drama issue we have is that- and I’ll use code names just because I feel like it- Johnny likes Suzy but Suzy like Jeff. And Jeff? Well, Jeff likes Mary. And Suzy and Mary are all buddy buddy, but Suzy doesn’t know that Jeff likes Mary. Mary just kind of goes with the flow, I think.

I met this girl that goes to CMU here at work too. Her name is Allie, and she is AWESOME. Haha, we were definitely immediate friends. She’s already planning on taking me out for my twenty-first, which is still a year away, haha. But I’m SO glad she works there. If she didn’t, I might go completely insane.

In other news, I have a boyfriend now. As of this past Tuesday. His name is Dean and he is super nice and treats me well. We went to Mackinac Island on Tuesday and I asked him to be my boyfriend. He was completely caught off guard, but super happy about it, since he’d been asking me the same question for about a month, and I kept saying I needed more time.

Honestly, I could still need more time. But I have to give this a shot. I enjoy spending time with him, but I just… I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch, and I think I’d rather just take time alone and travel. But I can’t just put something so great out of the way, so I need to try to get through this in this manner. I don’t know- it’s rather difficult to explain. His birthday is on Tuesday this week and I’m driving down to see him for it.

Gaylord is still boring, I still have yet to play golf, and the phone service here still sucks. I still miss my family and friends, but I’m getting by and spending too much tip money. I’ve found a new love for family video and their free children’s movie section (since, I love Disney so much, this works out perfectly) and their very cheap prices. It’s lonely up here, but I hope that people visit soon. Afterall, I only get one day off a week and therefore traveling for me is difficult. Especially when I work 12 hrs a day and am exhausted by the time I get back to my room.

I hope you all are well. 

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  1. Oh wow!! You sound like you have been so busy. I'm happy that things are going well for you and that you are working very hard :) Also, so glad that you are dating Dean who seems like a great guy. All the best, xo