Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ghost Town:

Well, I moved up to Gaylord two days ago, yesterday was my first day of work, and today was my second- I got off early.

Yesterday, I cleaned windows. Which may sound simple, I know. But the Loon has like over a hundred windows, I'm guessing. I went through three bottles of Windex! And it took me probably close to 4 or 5 hours before I was out of Windex completely. And today, what does it do outside? It rains! Haha, my supervisor actually laughed when he mentioned it and I "glared" at him.
I did a couple other things too, but the windows were a big chunk of my day. I really enjoy the people I work with. All a bunch of sarcastic, good people. It'll be a fun summer.

Today I learned how to use the computer. It rained though so I went home super early. And honestly? Gaylord has to be the quietest town EVER. The interns downstairs (3 boys my age) don't do much either- they golf. I've never golfed before in my life and I'm not about to learn on a day like today. So I've been sitting here for two hours. And it is driving me insane already. But for me to go around and wander around downtown without anyone with me isn't the same as Mt. Pleasant/on campus at CMU. I literally don't feel safe alone in this town. I went to Walmart last night and it creeped me out. Fastest shopping I'd ever done, haha.

Tomorrow I learn how to make an egg sandwich. Haha, shouldn't be too hard. But who knows. I'm working just about everywhere here this summer, I think. Besides outdoor operations. I'm food and beverage on an internship. Tomorrow I'll be in the kitchen for a bit. Today I was bartending. Yesterday, I was more or less just doing little tasks that needed to be done. I'll probably be doing the beverage cart a couple times once I get to know that better. And who knows.

I'm not paid overtime. I'm on salary because of the internship. However, I do get free room and board. It's basically like college, only without the alcohol access and work substitutes for classes.

It should be interesting. I come home tired a lot (and it is only my second day). But in my defense, my first day was a 12 hr shift roughly. And the days will only get busier and longer. I just hope that the weather picks up soon.

I'll keep you posted.

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