Monday, June 1, 2009

"She sits on the dock of tomorrow.
Waiting for him to come home.

But tomorrow never comes.
Leaving her forever in the midst of today."

I like to write sometimes. I wrote that today. The end of it was actually, "We only have today" but I didn't like that much so I just changed it now. Still not sure if I like it completely... But I like it better anyway. I'm not very good at writing.

I'm quite tired. Long day of work tonight. Ben and Kiki showed up an hour and a half late at least. So we had a line out the door and only three of us working for the time that there were MIA. This put Tim and I into bad moods, unfortunately. I snapped out of mine eventually, but Tim was unhappy the rest of the night.

Time for sleep, I think. I just bought swim suits over the internet... I potentially just wasted money. BUT I'm hoping they fit and look good and whatnot. If not... they shall be hidden because returning them is too much of a hassle through the mail.

Goodnight world :)

I miss him.

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