Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well, I am now going to the wedding by myself. Which is fine. I love weddings regardless of having a date or not- I've been to plenty of weddings, and all of them I attended alone. It just stinks to have your hopes up about inviting someone and then have them drop. Twice. The second time, I'm going to assume isn't because of fear or awkwardness or anything like that. Just because the wedding is on a Friday and Fridays are inconvenient for many students...

BUT it's a wedding. And it will be fun.

And I just learned of some interesting news. About some people that I know and their incredible ability to be rude. I just.... I can't believe it. I should've guessed. I am shocked at your lack of class, people. Disappointment.

This won't last much longer.
I shouldn't let it.

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