Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eventful, yet a good day, I believe.

I woke up at about eleven to my younger brother asking if I would like to accompany him and Matt to the mall to go shopping. Naturally, being of the female persuasion, I jumped on this opportunity. They were shopping for mother's day gifts; something that I had already taken care of a day or two before. So when I saw Forever 21, I went inside and did a little shopping for myself with the money that I've been trying so hard to not spend. I walked out with three shirts and a necklace.

I returned home to find the house still full with Aunts and Uncles and dinner being prepared. I was starving and waiting until that ham and cheesy potatoes were ready was extremely difficult. It was worth the wait though. I just grabbed the 6th Harry Potter book and began re-reading it so that I refresh my memory before the movie hits the theaters.

Last night, Matt, Joe, and I watched Clue. It brought back good memories and we laughed quite a bit. Tonight, my mother and I watched the movie that I gave her for mother's day- Marley and Me. I had never seen it before but expected the sad ending; yet, I cried anyway.

Ooooo, and I learned a song on guitar. Well, part of it anyway. And I'm still learning stuff. Granted, I pieced together the notes by myself and then double checked to see if I was right. I was very proud of what I had gotten accomplished.

I kept my mind fairly free of certain things today. I tried to push it all from my mind. I was unsuccessful on the car ride to the mall, but it worked fairly well for the rest of the day. Well, obviously until now because I'm typing about how I was trying not to think about it- so typically, at the moment, it has crossed my mind yet again.

Tomorrow, Dad's side of the family raids our house. It'll be yet another good time and plenty of good food to go around. I was supposed to make the jello tonight... I forgot.

I'm going to go play with my dog. And- if Joe allows it- she'll be sleeping in my room tonight. I've missed my puppy =P

This was decently short...
Chou for now.

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