Friday, May 8, 2009

Today marked the first day of summer for me.

I went to lunch with Steph K today. It was nice to be catching up on things from back home, of course. She has started seeing this guy that works at Lipuma's- they're really cute together and she is super excited about him. We had a nice long chit-chat as we walked to the park and towards the library today. During which she told me how much he understands and whatnot about her. In turn, I said something about my no-longer-existing relationship that made my stomach take an uncomfortable turn. I hadn't realized how much it was going to suck to have to think about him all summer. I'm not one to forget something that meant more to me than just about everything. *Sigh* what's a girl to do? Trudge on.

When I talk about certain things sometimes, I tend to sound slightly poetic with a hint of romantisicm, I think. Leah and Alana both mentioned at points that I should write a book. I generally laughed at the idea at first, because I can't imagine being able to write something with my heart and soul amidst the pages. Lately, however, I've been giving it some thought. We'll see... Maybe if I get bored enough this summer on a day that I'm not working.

I've been feeling kind of nausiated lately. I wonder if I'm getting sick or if it's something else. Today, I actually got to the point where I didn't feel like I wanted to smile or socialize? It was so bizarre. Especially since I spent all day with Stephanie and then met up with Jennifer and a couple others.

I'm trying really hard to take a positive outlook on this summer. I definitely want to enjoy it. But I will admit that yesterday was really hard on me as I was returning home- not only did I not get to say goodbye to someone, but my father informed me of some stuff during our stop for dinner that I've been struggling with/don't talk to anyone about really. But I'm keeping my hopes up.

Chau for now.

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